Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Churches, & Back to school & work!

Sunday the 19th, Calvary Baptist had us go to the front of the church to introduce Maria. They gave us a nice gift, so that was very nice. Sunday afternoon we got a surprise visit from Gary's co-worker Stu and his fiance Karen. They brought Maria and Kirstie & Macella some great gifts.

Monday the 20th: Macella & Kirstie headed back to school and Marsha started her externship at Cayuga Medical. Marsha's mom is now staying with us to be with Maria during the day. Maria was running a fever and was very congested, so once Gary and Marsha got home we headed to the pediatrician. They were very nice, but were concerned since we have little history on Maria. They were pretty sure it was a virus, but to be sure they sent us to the hospital for more blood tests and a chest x-ray. Poor Maria had to have blood taken once again. She did really well considering they had to put the needle in twice again. She yelled through the chest x-ray, but it was painless. At any rate, at the end of it all, the pediatrician came to the hospital and told us that the blood tests were all negative and the chest x-ray didn't show pneumonia. We are certainly ready for Maria to feel better.

Macella & Kirstie did a great job getting back into the school groove. They had a lot of extra work to catch up on. Macella pretty much woke up in the morning and went to school then came home and stayed up until 10:00 doing homework each night. It was nice to have Marsha's mother here to help with the transition of Marsha being gone all day.

Wednesday the 22nd, Marsha introduced Maria to the kids in the Olympian Club at Pine Valley Church. It was fun listening to the kids try to guess where she was from and how old she was. Kids are so cute:) Maria's certainly becoming famous in all these different churches!

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