Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday 4/12; Easter

Easter was a wonderful day. First we attended Marsha's grandparent's church for the sunrise service at 8am, which was followed by a breakfast. Macella & Kirstie sang a song written by Marsha's mom which was very nice. Maria enjoyed looking around at everyone.

We then went to Whitney Point Baptist to introduce Maria to lots of old friends. We received a very warm welcome. Even those who did not know us introduced themselves and said that had been praying for our family. We had a wonderful time there. It was nice to have Maria's 1st church service where we grew up. She stayed in the service for the singing, but then went to the nursery to play.

After church we went to Marsha's Uncle Tim's where Maria met a lot more family. She spent time with her Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, Great Uncle Allan, Great Aunt Missy, and Cousin Elizabeth, Great Uncle Calvin, Great Aunt Elaine, & Cousin Ben, Great Aunt Joy, Great Uncle Tim, Cousins Sarah & Steve & new baby cousin, Uncle Marshall & Aunt Charenda, Grandma & Grandpa Dale. Lots of food and fun!

Then we took Maria to meet Grandpa Morehouse & Grandma Shirley and her Uncles Bud, Justin, Gene, & Tim, and her Aunt Carol. Maria does not lack love!

We went back to Uncle Tim's and collected all of our things to head back home to Horseheads. We finally made it home around 9pm. Our 1st night at home as a family!

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