Friday, April 17, 2009

OT Eval

Friday 4/17
Yesterday was the only day of the week that we did not have to take Maria anywhere for the doctors or have an evaluation at the house. The kids were happy for the break.

Today Maria had an Occupational Therapy (Fine Motor) (OT) Evaluation at the house. Maria was pretty cooperative and sat on Marsha's lap while the OT gave her different tasks to do. At the end she stated that Maria was probably at the 9-10 month level with her OT skills. She was guessing her Gross Motor Skills might be closer to 12 months. The Physical Therapist (PT) is coming in a couple of weeks, so we'll know more then.

The OT was thinking that she would recommend OT services 3-4 times per week. When we add in speech, PT, and SEIT (special education itinerant teacher) we're going to have people at our house almost everyday. The other option is to send her to a day program at the Cerebral Palsy Handicapped Children's Association. We'll have to way our options and determine the best approach for Maria and the rest of the family. Please keep us in prayer for that decision.

Maria seems to be feeling a little better, so that's good. She spent the evening alone with Marsha & Gary because Macella & Kirstie spent the night at our friends' house (Proper's). They are so helpful!

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