Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st--Adoption Day!

We had a good morning getting ready with Maria and having breakfast at the hotel. Maria just likes to put food in her mouth, spit it out, and then mash it between her fingers or just chuck it on the floor. She finds it very funny:) She also likes to make very big messes. We now feel for the people in the olden days, as we boil water in order to wash bottles and we hand wash numerous pairs of pants in the sink:) We brought clothes from home, but we had to go out and buy more today because the dirty ones are not drying in time for her to wear them.

After breakfast this morning (9am), we met our guide and went to the Civil Affairs Office to finish paperwork and officially adopt Maria. It seemed a little chaotic with more people than we thought. We signed and fingerprinted many documents not written in English and we were told "don't worry--we will translate later." We figured it didn't matter what they said as long as we could have Maria:) The one paper that we could read was wrong. They had our town wrong under Gary's name, but correct under Marsha's name. They kept saying, "are you sure it's wrong?", but we made them fix it because we need it perfect for the U.S. Consulate next week. They didn't do it today, but we're supposed to have it tomorrow. Also, Marsha was missing the extra passport pictures needed, so she had to have them taken again (of course we found them once back in the hotel). The girls were so excited to finally be able to say that Maria was most certainly their little sister. Of course mom and dad were excited too:)

We made it back to the hotel around noon. We've been stuck in our hotel for 4 days, other than Walmart and government offices, so we decided to walk the streets. We found a KFC and decided to eat there. Crossing the street was a real challenge, as there are no lights and vehicles coming in all directions. You basically walk into the street and then stop in the middle or wherever you are while motorbikes and cars drive around you and then you continue walking until another vehicle almost runs you down. After lunch we continued walking down additional blocks. There are some not so nice streets and some busy streets. We found a mall type building and walked inside. It was really pretty, but very pricey. After more walking we found a children's store where the clothes were more affordable, so we got Maria a few pairs of much needed pants.

Back to the hotel at 3pm, so the girls could continue to work on homework and Gary could work on a video. Maria took a nap from 4:15-6:00. We ordered in rice and noodles for supper, which was not a big hit for Gary & Kirstie, so Gary got those chicken nuggets from McDonald's again:)

We're going to sleep with Kung Fu Panda on the computer. Maria must have taken her nap much too late today b/c she is very WIDE awake at 10:45 at night!

We are still in awe of the honor the Lord has given us by allowing us to adopt this precious little girl. We will have tough times ahead, but we already can't imagine our lives without her. The girls said today, "she's so perfect for our family, she fits right in." Gary said, "of course, God already had it planned." God's plans are so much better than ours. We are so blessed.

Tomorrow we finally get to get out of our hotel for some sight seeing with Maria. We are headed to some kind of temple and maybe something else. We are so looking forward to Friday when we fly to meet the rest of the group in Guangzhou:)

Enjoy the pictures of Maria's adoption day and pray for the day when she'll choose to be adopted into God's family as well. What a joy!


  1. Praise the Lord! I'm so glad everything is going smoothly. Cari LOVES to look at your pictures. She will go nuts when I show her the video.
    Can't wait to see you guys!
    love ya!

  2. Gary, I am so overwhelmed by these photos. I agree praise the Lord as He has directed this entire trip for you. Your family is blessed as is your new member, little Maria. Can't wait to see her.

    Donna S

  3. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maria: Grandpa and I didn't think you were going to be "official" for another several days!!!!
    WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! What great pictures!!!!

    Your Grandpa sits here, looks at your pictures and tears up!!! You are adorable and, obviously, have an adoring family!!!!!

    Gary, your Mom would have been SO PROUD and SO PLEASED. I can imagine her smiling down from heaven!!!!

    I hope you know how VERY HAPPY I am for you all!!! Another granddaugther to love!!!!! yes, Gary, she WAS picked special for you all!!!!!

    We will keep praying and are SO looking forward to meeting the newest member of the Dean family!!!!

    Macella and don't seem to love her seem to love her TONS.

    With our love and prayers,
    Dad & Brooke