Saturday, April 18, 2009

Car, Mom, & Aunt Joy

Saturday 4/18
Today was a busy day! We left Macella & Kirstie with the Proper's and took Maria and headed to Whitney Point. We just found out yesterday at 4pm that we could get a bank loan for a used car, so we were headed to pick it up. Gary signed all the paperwork and then dropped Marsha & Maria off at Marsha's mom's house. Gary then went to the Broome County DMV for paperwork.

Marsha, Maria, and Mary (Marsha's mom) went out to a diner for lunch. Then they headed to Grandma & Grandpa Glezen's for a visit. Maria enjoyed meeting another set of Great Grandparents! Then Gary showed up from the DMV, so we all went to pick up the new used car. That meant we had 3 cars between the 3 of us. We drove to Marsha's Uncle Tim's to say hello and goodbye before heading home. We left one car with Marsha's Aunt Joy, so she could join us later (she's leaving for Florida tomorrow morning from the Elmira airport).

We headed home, picked up the Macella & Kirstie, unpacked the cars, and cleaned up the house some. Marsha's mom brought lots of things, as she'll be staying with us for 8 weeks. She came, so we would not have to put Maria in daycare or take her to a babysitters while Marsha finishes her internship for Speech.

The house was lacking in groceries, so Marsha & Gary left to pick some up. In the mean time Joy was driving over. Joy, Marsha & Gary all got back around the same time. We put away the groceries and ate sloppy joes and then icecream! We all had a nice evening together.

Thanks for your prayers for a vehicle for us. We needed on by Monday and we had to get it fast, but we got a very good deal. It also gets good gas mileage:)

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