Wednesday, August 19, 2009

vaccines & bats

Mon. 8/17 Macella & Kirstie are spending the week with Marsha's parents. They are helping with VBS in Killawog. They are very excited!

Tues. 8/18 I found out that Maria is missing a vaccine and that the pediatrician's office can't get it because there is a shortage. That meant a trip to the county health dept. for a vaccine. I was anticipating that the shot itself wouldn't go well, but it was the waiting that was the issue. When we walked into the room we were given the number 24 and they were just calling the number 3! Maria did not want to sit still at all! An hour and a half later we were finally called. You could tell that Maria was mad about the shot, but she didn't cry---I was amazed!

After putting Maria to bed at night and near the end of our movie, I let out a huge scream and dove for the floor----yes it was a bat in the house. It came flying out of our bedroom and was doing loops in the livingroom. Gary tried to hit it out of the air to no avail. It ended up going back into the bedroom and hiding. Everytime we scared it out it hid again. Gary broke my mop in the process of finding/getting the bat. We finally decided to leave the bedroom door open and go back to our movie----because at this point our bedroom was a disaster. We had to pull things out from the corners next to the dresser and pull things out from under the bed, etc. Obviously that meant a big mess! Finally the bat came back out and Gary got it with a nice baseball swing. He put it in a container to take to the county health dept. tomorrow. After it was caught I realized that I heard a noise behind the bed that morning, but thought it was some type of huge insect. I looked for it, but for fear I would actually find it, I stopped. That meant that the bat slept in our bedroom for at least one night before we found it. I'm more inclined to think that it had been there since our weekend incident with the bats.

Wed. 8/19--Maria and I took the bat to the county health dept. to have it checked for rabies. After all the scares with bats it seemed like a good idea to get one tested. We'll have the results by Friday, so that will be good:)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our cabin with friends

Friday Aug 14-Saturday Aug 15 we had a nice time with friends over. We ate outside, the kids swam, we watched a movie on the big screen in the cabin, the kids went to bed and fell asleep watching a movie, the adults were tortured the ENTIRE night by fear of bats.

It was a hot night. It was a scary night. It was a sleepless night. Well at least it was for the grown ups. The kids had the doors locked to their own cabin and they safely slept. We had a cabin with 2 psychotic bats! Every time 3 of us fell asleep, it seemed as if 1 person heard the bats and then we were all awake again. If the bats would've just hung upside down in a corner it may have been nice, but NO they had to swoop down over us and squeak. Then they were constantly scratching (although once morning came we wondered if the scratching was the family of woodchucks we have living under the cabins). At any rate we finally fell asleep around 4:30am and now we have something to laugh about!

Saturday was a fun day of hanging out and trying to remain cool. Summer finally arrived!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last day of summer therapy / Eye doctor appointment

August 13th-Today Maria had OT, PT, and speech, as well as an eye doctor appointment. It was a busy day to say the least! She enjoyed all of her therapies, so that was nice. The eye doctor was less fun.

We were at the eye doctor for almost 2 hours. Most of the time was spent waiting. Maria had to have eye drops which did not go well. Then we had to wait for her eyes to dilate, which took awhile. Finally she saw the eye doctor. She was much more interested in holding his hands down and holding his instruments than playing with the toys he was trying to distract her with. At the end of the appointment he said that her eyes appeared to be good. He does not think that she is cross-eyed, far sighted, or near sighted. He also said that the back of her eye lids look good---yes that was a fun part of the appointment as well! He did suggest that we see a geneticist, so we are looking into that this coming week. Just when we thought we were winding down with the different professionals we've had to meet:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CPSE Meeting & Audiologist appointment

Tues, Aug. 11th
8:30 this morning we had Maria's CPSE meeting. It was a very helpful meeting. Even my soon to be boss came to help out and make sure that Maria was taken care of. We decided that Maria should have OT 3x/wk-30min, PT 2x/wk-30min., Speech 3x/week-90min., and Special ed teacher 3x/week-90 min-2hours. In addition, it was suggested that the services be given to her in a preschool setting. We are currently looking at a couple of preschools, as well as Head Start. Please pray that a space will open wherever the Lord thinks she will do best.

3:30 this afternoon Maria had an audiologist appointment. Since we have not observed any difference in Maria's hearing the audiologist decided not to do sound field testing. She would like to give Maria more time to adjust to the hearing aids to see if she starts responding to sound later. She did adjust them a little to help with the constant feedback that we're always hearing. We made an appointment for 5 weeks from now. In addition we are getting paperwork together to send to the cochlear implant team at NYU.

Pictures below may not be as clear because we forgot the camera, so they were taken with the cell phone. We had to get some pictures!

Monday, August 10, 2009

ENT checkup

Maria had OT this morning and then an ENT checkup this afternoon. Her tubes are still in her ears. They did not help her hearing, but they are there now to eliminate ear infections. She won't have another checkup for 6 months.

Tomorrow morning we have our Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) meeting. We're still unsure of what will happen at it, so we shall see. Tomorrow afternoon Maria has an audiologist appointment. I think we'll be doing sound field testing to see if she responds to anything with her hearing aids on. We haven't noticed any change with her hearing at home.

She is beginning to use her signs without prompting, so that's exciting. At church she signed "more" in the nursery when the pastor's wife put the cookies away. She is really beginning to notice that signing is beneficial and reinforcing.

Below are pictures from the ENT appointment---it appears as though we have become a little too "camera happy"!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Adoption picnic in Rochester

Today we were able to go to Rochester to meet with some friends who have adopted or are in the process of adoption. It was encouraging to meet and talk about our children.

It is pretty exciting, as three families are almost ready to leave to get their children and another will leave in about 6 months or so. Three children are from China and one child is from Ethiopia.

Maria enjoyed the slide, the kiddie pool, the pinata, the food, the bubbles, and the people. Macella & Kirstie were a wonderful help with her and also enjoyed playing with some friends as well.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Grandma comes to visit

My mom came to visit for a couple of days. The girls and Teddy were very happy to see her. We had fun hanging out and relaxing.

Mom and I went to the movies in Watkins Glen, while Gary so nicely watched the girls and made macaroni salad for tomorrow's picnic! Isn't he a sweetie!

All of the girls wanted to wear stripes for their picture with grandma. Maria enjoyed hiding her feet in her shirt and then searching for them.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maria's therapies

Apparently I was wrong and I have more options available for Maria for the fall. I'm looking into different preschool programs that are just 2 or 3 days a week for 2 hours. The preschool that I would like her in, is filled, but they put her on a waiting list. Apparently they would allow her to be in the 2-year-old room even though she is three. That's a really nice incentive and more developmentally appropriate for her.

Maria has gotten used to therapy and the fact that she has to work. She does not always like it. In fact she had a little temper tantrum in speech today. When she is forced to sign, she gets quite upset. We think this is a good indication that she knows what is going on and does not want to do what is asked of her. She has begun hiding her hands under the table and holding her hands behind her back.

Below are a few pictures from therapy. We've videotaped more sessions and hopefully I'll be able to make a compilation of her progress at some point. I love learning from the physical and occupational therapists. I've learned quite a bit from the speech therapist as well, so I'm looking forward to putting that into practice when I start working. Maria is wearing a compression vest in PT in some of the pictures below. She loved it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Site finally updated

We just finally updated the blog. I think we went all the way back to April and added information and pictures. I'm sorry it took so long to get the information out. We have been so busy with phone calls, doctor visits, therapies, kids' friends, our friends, our families, work, paperwork, full weekends, etc.

It seems impossible that the summer is almost over. Time certainly has flown. We have officially had Maria for 4 months. We have certainly had to make adjustments, but she has added such joy to our family. Both Macella and Kirstie have been doing a great job helping out with her and loving her so much.

Maria has certainly progressed quite a lot. She signs "more", "eat", "cookie", "ice cream", "water", "please", and "book" with some persuasion.
She seems to understand and requires hand over hand to sign "shoes", "socks", "potty", "banana", "apple", and "drink". She still does not appear to have heard anything with her hearing aids. I contacted an audiologist teacher I had at Cortland for advice on a cochlear implant team. We have the paperwork for possible appointments with the NYU cochlear implant team and are awaiting their call.

Again, thanks so much to you all for following our family and taking the time to call, e-mail, pray, etc.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maria is never finished with tests! Biking too!

Today I took Maria to the hospital for hip x-rays. It appears to just be precautionary, but there is some concern about her joints. This was certainly the most fun she has had at the hospital. She loved the x-ray room as it was bright and white. I put her down on the slick white table and she laughed and started feeling it. Then the technician started moving the camera over head and she smiled even bigger. I have no idea what she thought she was doing, but she certainly enjoyed it. I'm glad we got to have one good visit to the hospital. Most of her other visits have not been nearly as much fun!

This evening we all took a bike ride. Maria has a little cart behind Gary's bike. We hardly rode very far before Gary and I were completely out of breath. I think Macella and Kirstie were quite proud of themselves and thought we were absolutely pathetic. Hopefully we'll keep having nice evenings, so we can get out biking more often. It was really a lot of fun!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Maria's therapy/education plan for the fall

Today we visited the Cerebral Palsy and Handicapped Children's Association (CPHC) to see if it is a possibility for Maria in the fall. They have a 12:1:2 classroom open for the afternoon session with a possible opening for an 8:1:1 that's all day. They were very friendly and took us to all of the classrooms. Maria enjoyed them and gave a little girl a great big hug and then they both fell over.

Maria's CPSE meeting is next week. We have to decide whether to continue home services (which would most likely be at a close friend's home, as she will be babysitting) or if she would attend an afternoon preschool and get her Speech, OT, and PT at the preschool. Please pray that we will have wisdom in making this decision. All of the therapists are supposed to share their opinion with me this week. Her meeting is August 11th.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friends, drive-in, Dean reunion

Saturday August 1st I met with some girl friends from my old Bible study. We met at Panera Bread to say goodbye to Vicki, as she is moving to NC. The rest of us are all pretty much evenly distributed between 3 of the churches in our local area, so we were very glad to meet up once again.

Saturday night we went to the drive-in with the girls to see "Aliens in the Attic" and "Up". We ate some supper and sat outside for the 1st movie. Normally Maria wraps herself up in her blanket and falls asleep, but not this time. She kept humming and laughing. She was laughing uncontrollably at times. No matter what I did to quiet her down it made her laugh even louder. Thankfully she fell asleep for the 2nd movie because Gary sat in the car with her. Apparently her carseat is a lot less exciting than the outdoors.

Sunday August 2nd was Gary's family reunion. We tried to travel out in time to go to church with my parents, but we would've been 15 minutes late, so we just stopped at their house and had "church." We sang some songs and Gary led us through Romans 12:1-8 and I Corinthians 12:1-11. The girls had a lot of good questions. We are trying to find a church to call home and they were the perfect passages at explaining why we need to belong to a church. We need to share the gifts that God has given us. Where can we use our gifts the most for His glory? We are still praying for the answer to that question.

The reunion started at 2 and thankfully there was a building we could move into due to the pouring rain. It seems like the summer has been full of rain. Maria was once again able to meet a lot of relatives. Maria really enjoyed her cousin Kaliah. They are so cute together:) After the reunion we stopped by mom and Dale's to visit with them and their friends Pr. Roger and Laurie from Florida. They are nice people. They were even able to watch Kirstie beautify Dale's hair with lovely hair ties.