Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday 4/11

Today we got up to pick up Marsha's Aunt Joy at the Elmira airport. She flew in from Florida for Easter. We were late, but thankfully her luggage took a little time to come through.

She came back to our house and played with Maria for a little while before heading out to Whitney Point. We packed up for Easter and headed out to Whitney Point as well. We picked Macella & Kirstie up from Marsha's mom's and headed to introduce Maria to more relatives. Maria met her Dean grandparents. She enjoyed her time with them. Then she was off to meet Uncle Terry, Aunt Lana, Maggie, Taron, Chuck, & baby cousin Kaliah. Lots of people; lots of fun!

Afterward Macella & Kirstie went back to Marsha's parents for the night and Marsha, Gary & Maria went to Marsha's Uncle Tim's. Maria enjoyed her Great Uncle Tim. We spent the night there.

Have a wonderful Easter! We are so thankful for a Savior who came even though we did not deserve it. We're glad to be adopted into His family. What a powerful picture.

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