Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday in Guangzhou

We are so happy to be in Guangzhou with our wonderful guides and new found friends!

This morning we had difficulty waking up, so again we had our usual breakfast, with the exception of Macella. We are on the 34th floor. Maria enjoys looking out the windows. Macella continued to be sick, so she stayed in the room with the "do not disturb light", as well as the "do not disturb sign." We are enjoying the door bells that our hotel rooms have had:)

We left with our group at 9:30 for a flower garden park. It was very beautiful. Although, we definitely missed Macella. It seemed strange without her. After the garden we visited a supermarket. All the markets have had escalators made for carts because the food is usually on one floor, supplies on a different floor, etc. They also sell fish on ice and live fish, turtles, and crabs, etc. The most exciting thing at this store is that it's the first place that has had Mountain Dew:) All places have Coke, Sprite, & sometimes Pepsi, but really nothing else. Apparently they are trying to get people to try Mountain Dew, as it's advertised as a free sample on Pepsi cases.

After the store we made it back to check on Macella (12:30). She slept the whole time, so she was feeling much better. Maria was happy to see her. We went out to Pizza Hut, which as we mentioned before is a much fancier restaurant here than in the U.S. They have yummy fruit smoothies! After lunch, Gary took Kirstie & Macella to the hotel pool for swimming, while Marsha & Maria napped:)

At 6:00pm our group went out eat at an Italian Restaurant. One of the families in our group speaks Mandarin, so he was very helpful in finding us a place to eat and getting us taken care of as a group. We had a nice buffet with drinks and dessert. It was nice to have the drinks:) Most places give you only one drink with a cup that's maybe 6oz. We've had to ration ourselves, so we would still have drink at the end of the meal. Anyway, it was great to be among people we know for good food and fellowship:)

Today it was a blessing to see 8 other families with their new children. They range in age from under 12 months to 9 years old. It is so neat to watch them grow and mature in such a fast amount of time. It is amazing how fast the children bond and are happy to be with their new families.


  1. Hey guys!
    This is the first chance I've had to get to the site and look at everything.. This is great. I'm so excited for you all and can't wait to meet Maria. Have fun! Give all the girls hugs for me.


  2. Oh I'm enjoying all the pictures so much! Maria is beautiful! She looks like she loves to keep that right leg in the air. Can't wait to see you all, this Saturday.

  3. Hi Macella and Kirstie, I can see you are such wonderful big sisters. I love you all and will see you saturday. I can't wait. xoxoxo Maria is a sweety. Safe journey home and enjoy the rest of your visit to China.