Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tues 4/14, Psychologist visit

Today we all felt tired and sick. We relaxed all morning. Maria woke up, but she was so out of it and would not eat and then she fell back asleep. Then at 11am I got a call from the Psychologist asking if he could come at 1pm. I cannot even describe the amount of disaster that surrounded every room in the house. I wanted the Psychologist to come, so I put the girls into high gear.

We still were unpacking and had dishes and laundry everywhere. Macella & Kirstie worked so hard. They did a great job cleaning as fast as they could. Maria slept until noon and we fed her and bathed her in record time. Marsha jumped in the shower at 12:30 and the girls got dressed. We were all cleaned up and ready in just under 2 hours!

When the psychologist came he showed Marsha the testing he normally gives. He also showed the testing he gives that does not require hearing. There was no way that Maria could do any of the things he requested. One of the tests involved matching shapes and stacking blocks. The paperwork from China stated that she could stack blocks, as well as do a number of other things. We did get out the stacking blocks and we demonstrated how to stack. Maria just picked up the blocks one by one and threw them on the floor. The psychologist said that he would write a report based on observation rather than concrete test scores. He agreed with Marsha that she is cognitively at least 2 years delayed or at the 12 month level. He left Marsha with a parent questionnaire to get a more definite idea of her skills. He stated that he would write a report and talk to those in charge to be sure that Maria receives services even in the summer.

Macella & Kirstie had been so helpful, so they were given a treat. They asked if they could have the Proper girls over. We called and Macella went to their house with the older girls and Kirstie stayed at home with the 2 younger Proper's coming over. They had a great time!

Late in the afternoon Maria continued to be lackadaisical and refused to eat or drink. Marsha forced her to drink some and gave her a bath. Once realizing that she had a fever of almost 103, Marsha called the doctor, but they said not to worry, as it was probably a side effect of the vaccines from yesterday.

Maria fell asleep while Marsha ate dinner and everyone ate. Then around 7:45pm Gary took the Proper girls home and Marsha checked on Maria. She had thrown-up all over herself and the crib, but she was still sleeping. She didn't fully wake up until Marsha put her in the tub. She whined and cried and shivered and continued to refuse anything to eat or drink. Marsha felt so helpless. To think she already is so tiny and then not eating and throwing up what she drinks makes you feel terrible.

Once Maria was asleep, the rest of us watched 2 episodes of American Idol that we missed while we were gone. Gary does a great job guessing who isn't going to last.

Please pray that Maria will begin to feel better and will gain some weight.

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