Monday, April 13, 2009

1st Audiologist visit & 1st Pediatrician visit

Wow what a busy day! Marsha forgot that we only have one vehicle. The car died just before leaving for China and we did not have the resources or time to get another car before leaving. With only one car it meant that Marsha had to drive Gary to work and then the morning was taken up with feeding Maria and giving her a bath and trying to make sense out of a disastrous house.

At 10am Maria had an appointment with the Audiologist. With preliminary testing Maria may have heard sound at 70dB, which is a severe hearing loss, but the type of loss and severity is unknown until further tests can be given. She has to see an ENT to clean out wax and see if anything structural is wrong with her middle ear. After the ENT she will have another appointment with the Audiologist for more in-depth testing.

On the way home from the Audiologist we stopped at a friend's house to introduce Maria to more people! It was a nice time of catching up and having fun.

We made it home around 1pm and started lunch. We ate lunch, cleaned up a very little, and then headed to the pediatrician. We were at the pediatrician's for more than 2 hours---they were very helpful. Maria received 4-5 vaccines and a TB test. It took Marsha, Macella, & Kirstie to hold her down for the nurse. For a tiny girl she is very strong! The pediatrician wanted to be sure Maria doesn't have any diseases and is getting adequate nutrition, so she ordered a numerous amount of blood tests. She also prescribed eye drops, as well as told us to get a certain multi-vitamin, as well as 2 Pediasures/day. Maria only weighed 18 pounds today, so she has either lost weight or she did not really weight 20 pounds in China.

After the doctor's we were running late to pick Gary up from work, but we finally got to him. We then stopped at the drugstore to get the eye drops and vitamins. The 1st drugstore had the eye drops and Pediasure, but not the vitamins, so we had to get to another drugstore. They figured out the correct vitamins, so that was good. Then we stopped at the grocery store because our house lacked any amount of food. We finally made it home around 7:30pm.

One of the goals of today was to clean the house, but that was absolutely not possible during the day. The girls also had no way of getting their homework finished. Macella & Kirstie had done a great job helping out with Maria, so we decided to have a nice family night of ice cream and a movie instead of doing work.

We're still getting used to having to take care of a baby. She cannot be trusted alone, as she somehow finds everything that's tiny and puts it in her mouth. She does sleep well at night, so we are thankful for that.

We'll keep you posted on upcoming doctor appointments.

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