Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maria's first day sight seeing--Thursday in Shanxi

Another early morning of getting up at 6, so we could figure out our laundry situation. We tried to figure out the cheapest way to get only what we needed washed at the hotel. We ate Granola Bars and PopTarts for breakfast, while Maria had her 1st full bowl of Cheerios. She swallows the Cheerios probably because they are softened by her formula. We met Hellen our guide at 9:30 for sight seeing at the Jinci Temple.

It was fun including Maria in our pictures from sight seeing today. Almost every building included a set of stairs, so Gary got a lot of exercise carrying her up the stairs in her stroller. We got back to the hotel aournd 12:45. Gary, Macella, & Kirstie walked a few blocks to Pizza Hut. Here Pizza Hut is fancier than the ones back home, it looks and feels more like the Olive Garden at home. They brought pizza back, but first we had to ok all of Maria's documents from yesterday in the hotel lobby. They seemed ok, so we're all set for appointments next week.

Back to the room for time allowing Maria to walk and explore. She seems so fascinated with everything and pretty happy. She has started coming into her own and certainly makes her wants known, such as moving Marsha's hand to open crackers for her. She would rather be held than do anything, so we've tried to make her play by seeing that Kirstie & Macella play. Last night she fell asleep in our arms because we cannot bear to have her cry in a crib.

Tonight we're going to relax with a movie. So far we haven't even watched a full movie before falling asleep.

Please enjoy pictures from our day:


  1. Loving all the pictures! Maria's smile is getting bigger...she knows she is with her forever family and that she is loved. It is so great to watch her blooming!! God is so good!!We can not wait to meet her. The girls look so happy to be with her. What a blessing!
    Marsha...I see that you were getting ready for your "plane" ride also!!
    Enjoy the rest of your amazing trip!! We will try to keep updated while we are on our vacation.


    Walr, Marilym, & girls

  2. Walt & Marilyn--
    Have a wonderful vacation. We'll pray the girls have a great time and aren't afraid of those Disney characters:)

    Yes, we figured that all of Gary's girls needed a plane ride. That's one way of entertaining ourselves in China!

    Thanks for following our journey. The Lord has certainly used you all to encourage us over the last 3 years.
    Gary, Marsha, & all three girls:)

  3. We are so glad to see that everyone is enjoying the sight seeing. Gary needs the exercise walking up the stairs with Maria. Maria seems so happy as well as the rest of you. Even if you are eating a lot of pop tarts and granola bars. I think she knows that someone loves her now. It is amazing how God works his plans. She really does fit right in with the rest of you. Enjoy the rest of your vacation now that your family is complete.
    Terry, Lana and Maggie

  4. Dear Gary, Marsha & Girls-all three!!! :):)

    It's GREAT to see a smile (and laugh) on Maria's face since you said she rarely changed expressions-she may not be able to understand English but she can understand being, held, cuddled, played with, fussed over and LOVED!!!

    Thanks for letting us all share in your joy and your trip by this web site. Your efforts are appreciated!!!

    Give that new little granddaughter a HUGH hug from Grandpa & Grandma Dean!!!!!

    Much love with continued prayers to all!!!!
    Dad & Brooke