Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday--leaving Taiyuan

We're in the process of taking our suitcases out to be loaded. We leave the hotel at 1:30 and our plane boards at 3:30 for Guangzhou. We arrive around 6 and then travel to the hotel. Again, not sure how far it is from the airport or how internet connections will be.

We've had a slow morning of packing, as we're not feeling all that well. Kirstie got sick in the night and then Macella got sick. Thankfully Marsha is only nauseous and Gary & Maria are fine. At least here there is humor in getting sick. Gary had to take his Mandarin Phrase book down to the front desk to somehow convey that Kirstie's blanket was yucky and we needed a new one. He finally resorted to showing them the words in the book and showing the "universal sign" for vomit:) They brought us a new blanket less than 5 minutes later, so I guess he did a great job communicating!

Thanks so much for following our Maria journey! We really are enjoying our family time together. Please pray that we feel better and that Maria does well on her 1st plane ride:)

New post: Well, we made it to Guangzhou without a problem. Maria did not enjoy the plane at 1st because she had to stay in her own seat. The seat belt sign didn't go off for the whole 2 1/2 hour flight. She was happy with Ritz type crackers and a bottle. Then she fell asleep for the rest of the flight---the only problem with that was that once back at the hotel she didn't go to sleep until around midnight.

We arrived in our hotel around 7:30. None of the girls dared to brave any food, but Gary went and got himself a chicken sandwich. This hotel is beautiful and we have much more room. Kirstie has a cot, Macella a little bigger than a twin, Marsha & Gary sharing a bed a little bigger than a twin, and Maria in a portable crib. The beds here are a little softer too, so that's good. Here the harder the bed the better b/c they believe soft beds are bad for your back. The beds in our last hotel were like sleeping on plywood. We piled up our blanket & slept on top of it.

Below are pictures of us leaving Taiyuan, flying, and arriving in Guangzhou.


  1. I will definitely be praying that you all feel better. By now I am sure you are already there, so I hope that Maria did well on her plane ride. :) It's been a blessing to be able to follow along on your journey. The kids loved the video of Maria. They are really excited to meet her. We love you guys and miss you.

  2. Kirstie-
    I hope you feel better. The play at school was really neat. I wish you could have been there. The dog Toto was funny. Love, Miranda

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. What a wonderful work the Lord is doing in your lives. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey guys. i am really enjoying checking your progress daily. I hope you all feel better soon. be safe. Love you all.

  4. Dear Family,

    Pictures are great!!!! We are praying for you all to be well again so you may enjoy the rest of this trip of a life time!!!

    Maria seems to be smiling more!!! What a neat thing to see!!!! Funny, you ALL seem to be smiling a lot...a VERY long journey coming to a close, only to begin another chapter back home!!

    Love to all with continued prayers,
    Dad & Brooke

  5. good luck on your journey. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and amazing story. What a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing.
    Becky Sherwood (PPOTS)