Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kirstie's 10th birthday

Tuesday 12/1--I can't believe our little Kirstie has turned 10! She said she wasn't ready for double digits---I don't think we were ready either! The morning of her birthday she opened her 1st present--Zebra gum. It's quite funny, but zebra gum was my favorite as a kid too:) After school she wanted to frost her cake and then Macella & Gary decorated it. It says Li'l K in M&Ms, but Gary had to tell everyone of us what the cake said! Kirstie picked her meal of taco hamburger helper, cheeseburger hamburger helper, and cheesy Kraft macaroni & cheese---imagine all the saturated fats in that meal! Afterward Kirstie opened her presents. Maria gave her a Li'l Webkinz and Macella gave her a Wii game. She loved her huge chocolate bar from us and Nintendogs for DS. Poor Maria was quite unhappy for most of the evening, so she went to bed right after the candle blowing. The rest of us watched Monsters vs. Aliens together.

Saturday 12/5--Kirstie wanted to take her best friend Sarah to the movies. We switched kids with Sarah's parents. They took Maria and we took Sarah and her younger sister Rachel. We saw "Old Dogs." It was a lot of fun. Then when we took the kids home we crashed their house for supper and then brought them home with us to spend the night. Kirstie had a great time with Sarah and Rachel enjoyed having Macella around to listen to all her stories.

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