Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Sunday

Today was busy, but very nice. First we started out the day at church. Maria enjoyed her 1st Sunday School class with hearing. She sat at the table and read books. She copied the girls who were swinging their legs. It was so cute. During church Macella, Kirstie, & I played our clarinets with others during the prelude and during congregational singing. The service was a nice reminder of Christmas leading to the real purpose: Easter.

After church we came home to take pictures in front of our tree. It was quite an ordeal to get pictures with all of us and the dog. It was pretty exciting that Maria could at least hear us calling her name. Toward the end we tried to get Maria by herself. It did not work--she became quite upset. Gary thought it was funny to capture some pictures of her unhappy face:)

Then we headed to a Christmas open house of Gary's co-worker. It was very nice. They had cute little ornaments for the kids to make. Maria enjoyed making hers, although she kept trying to take the nose off. Kirstie met a girl there that is a friend and neighbor of one of her good friends. It is a small world.

Then we went to Red Lobster for Christmas Sunday dinner. It was very nice. Kirstie was sad to see the live lobsters, but she still enjoyed her meal. Maria kept laughing and eating and eating and eating. She really likes restaurants:)

Then we headed back to church for the evening service. We kept Maria with us because she was being so good and quiet. She was so happy that she periodically just began giggling. Then she got giggling very loud and I couldn't stop her and I was joining in, so I took her to the back. Afterward so many people said how wonderful it was to see and hear Maria laughing. She often laughs when she is doing big gross motor flying activities with Gary, but rarely while sitting. Her cochlear implants have opened up another piece of her personality. She is quite hilarious.

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