Monday, December 28, 2009

Our last trip to NYC in 2009!

12/27--Today we take our last trip to NYC for 2009. We've been to the city 7 times since October. We have an appointment scheduled in January, February, and the 1st of April in 2010.

This trip we stayed with Joy & Al in an apartment in NYC. After a long walk and wrong turns in the subway we enjoyed a nice meal out. We got back to the apartment around midnight and prepared for an early doctor's appointment.

12/28--Gary and I got up with Maria and headed out for the Audiologist around 8am. Today's appointment was to increase the volume in her implants. All four of her programs were updated. We are to try and increase her program level by one level per week. Maria was very unhappy during the appointment, as well as afterward. She became very agitated. She could really use your prayers. We would like her to adjust and not be so upset that she hurts herself. Thanks for all your prayers for our safety in traveling to all of our appointments.