Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tree and House Decorating

Saturday Nov. 28th--Today we cleaned and then decorated trees. We had so much fun. We bought decorations and lights after Christmas last year, so we had a lot of options this year. We have a white tree with blue and silver ornaments and blue and white lights. We have a green tree with red and gold ornaments with red and white lights. We also have a small tree with multi-colored lights and all of the kids' special ornaments. Maria enjoyed watching and trying to get into things. Once the trees were turned on with all the other lights off she seemed so amazed. Her eyes were really big and she looked at me and then back at the tree and then back at me. She finally started laughing.

Sunday Nov. 29th--Maria is doing better, but she is still very tired. She continues to have difficulty with balance and sometimes appears to be in pain. It feels awful to not know exactly what she is feeling. She got a lot of rest today, so hopefully she'll do well at
school/daycare tomorrow. Gary, Kirstie, and Macella put lights up on 2 outside trees and on the porch this afternoon. I am so excited to finally get lights up outside. I've been waiting for 3 years. Last year's Walmart sale on lights was fantastic! Our neighbor called tonight to let us know that she was already enjoying our lights:)

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