Thursday, December 17, 2009

Maria fully hears; Macella's band concert

This morning we were up early to get ready, to eat, and to pack up our hotel room. We were running somewhat late, but we grabbed some food and ran to the bus stop. It was so cold--they talk about windy Chicago, but it was definitely windy NYC! Apparently a lot of people visit NYC before the holidays because there were people everywhere and the bus had many stops adding many people. Once we made it to the city we caught a taxi and made it to the surgeon's office around 10:20am.

The surgeon said that she was healing well and that she looked good. The people in the office are so friendly and were taken with all three girls. We then had to walk extremely fast to our next appointment with the audiologist a few blocks down. Our appointment was at 11am and we walked through the door wind blown and freezing at exactly 11am. Here we met a lovely little girl in the waiting room. She hugged all three girls and wanted to sit with them. She chatted about their coats and shoes. Her little baby sister had an implant. What a doll!

We went with the audiologist to activate the left ear and to learn some trouble shooting techniques for the devices. Maria seemed more upset today. She cried more with anticipation I think. In the end both implants work and she can hear. Due to her malformed cochleas she needs more of a broad spectrum than other children, but she should still be successful in hearing speech. It is quite obvious that she hears because she either becomes quite fearful or quite curious.

After our appointments we grabbed a cab to the bus station to the car and left New Jersey. We were in a hurry because Macella had a Winter Band concert tonight. We stopped for food on the way and just kept moving. We were able to unload the car, start laundry, do Macella's hair, and then make it to the concert on time.

I was a little nervous about Maria's reaction to instruments. The orchestra was first and when they 1st started she was curious and after a little while she got scared. She tried to hide in my shirt, but she would sometimes peek out and look at me. The scariest part for her was the clapping between songs. I tried to show her with her hands what the noise was, but that made her even more unhappy. She never screamed or cried loud, but teared up and hid. Then Macella's band came up, which was a different sound than strings. She actually sat up to look for the sound, although I don't think she very understood where it was coming from. During their second song, a very slow one, she seemed content and just kept staring up into my eyes and giving a little smile. I cried through the entire song. I think with our lives being so busy we really haven't had time to sit and think. We've been on the go with our trips to the city, our jobs, church, and the girls activities with school. I was finally able to sit while Maria looked in my eyes and I just told her that I loved her and know that she heard. She just looked in my eyes, as if she knew I would protect her and as soon as the song was over and the clapping began she once again grabbed on tight and just hugged.

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