Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Dec 21

I couldn't think of an interesting title for today. Today it was officially decided that Maria's last day at Kiddie Kampus will be this coming Wednesday. I feel so sad about losing her aide. She is absolutely wonderful with Maria and has been a great asset. Starting in January Maria will be going to Sherry's house during the day. We got to know her through a friend of Kirstie. She watched our blog while we were in China and checks on Maria's progress. She has a real desire to help kids with special needs and she really wants to be there for Maria. There is no doubt that the Lord brought us together.

Maria got a gift from her speech therapist Sheila today. She enjoyed opening it and inspecting it. She got a sign language I love you pin and a sign language I love you angel ornament.

I'm also hearing reports from her teachers, aide, and therapists that Maria is looking up more and smiling more. At home she has enjoyed toys she normally ignores. She has periods of laughter and periods of crying softly. We're assuming sometimes the noises please her and sometimes they don't.

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