Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Maria Hears!

Today it is official! Maria can hear! Her right implant was activated today! Thank the Lord that all the electrodes work!

This morning we all went down to breakfast. Then Gary went to Kohl's to get Maria a new outfit with Macella. Kirstie, Maria, & I got ready while they were gone. Then we headed out into the very cold air to wait for the bus. We took the bus and caught a cab and made it to our 2pm appointment a little early.

Gary video taped and Kirstie took pictures at first and then later Macella took over the video taping. At first the audiologist tested each electrode and different volumes on Maria's right ear. When she heard a sound everyone clapped and pointed to a lit up toy. When Maria first heard a little at a time she was curious and scared. When all the electrodes were turned on she was very frightened. She turned around and hugged me so tight around the neck that I couldn't get her arms off. It was wonderful to know that she was hearing, but sad to realize how scared she was.

We left the audiologist with her device set at 1 with a volume of 6. She was fearful and the only noise (since we weren't talking) was just the heating system, which wasn't that loud--although she could've been hearing other sounds that we just take for granded. We were supposed to get her to 4 with a volume of 8 before she went to bed. Knowing that she was so scared inside where we had the volume controlled we were nervous to take her outside with all the city noise. Once oustide she was scared and when the processor kept falling off her head she would laugh. She laughted at the silence and cried at the noise. She kept it on though, so that was very good.

After her appointment we went to eat, then to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, and then to the Toys R Us at Time Square. The tree at Rockefeller Center was much bigger than we imagagined! Toys R Us was huge with a ferris wheel inside. We girls rode on the Playschool School Bus car. Maria enjoyed it until her device fell off. Then when I put it back on she tried to climb out of the car. I just left it off for the ride and she had a good time. It was a pretty exciting store, although we didn't feel the need to buy anything:)

Back at the hotel we worked to increase Maria's settings and volume. She appears a little more nervous with Gary's voice, so he tried to keep talking to get her used to it. We ordered in food and watched the end of Happy Feet. Off to sleep for another day tomorrow.

Tomorrow they activate the left side and we carry a ton of equipment back with us.

We are so blessed and so excited. Thank you all for your prayers. As far as we've noticed she hasn't been biting or scratching herself. She is also keeping the device on even though she really doesn't want to. She's such a brave little girl!

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