Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

Today was a busy, but blessed day.
It was so exciting to go around in a circle and read the Christmas story with our girls, and to really know that Maria could hear it was an added blessing.

We opened stockings with Tim and Teddy too. Tim was nice enough to remember our dog Teddy, so he was able to join in the festivities as well.
Pictures at Tim's below:

After opening stockings and gifts at Tim's we went to Gary's parents for Christmas brunch, but with our timing skills it was more like lunch. The girls were excited to show Bob and Brooke their new Bibles, so we read the Christmas story again. We had such a nice time.
Pictures at Bob & Brooke's below:

Then we went to visit Terry & Lana and their family. Taron and Chuck's little girl Kaliah (our great niece) shared some of her toys with Maria. They were all so cute. We had a great time with family and we even got more food! We always happen to stop by when they're putting food on the table---it almost appears as if we do it on purpose, but we couldn't plan it that hard if we tried!
Pictures at Terry & Lana's below:

Then we went to Grandma & Grandpa Gordon's house to see more family:) Maria enjoyed her baby cousin. Macella & Kirstie always enjoy getting together with their cousing Elizabeth. Again, a good time was had by all!
Pictures at Gordon's below:

Macella & Kirstie spent the night with my mom at my grandparent's, so Gary and I went with Tim to see Avatar in 3-D. Maria fell asleep during the previews, so it worked out just perfect.

What a long, but enjoyable day!
I am just so excited that the timing of Maria's hearing activation allowed her to be able to hear the most joyous news of Christ's birth. It's a feeling I can't even describe, but oh what a thrill:)

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