Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our 1st snow day!

Well today was officially this school year's first snow day! We really don't have a lot of snow, but the snow turned to rain and froze, so the roads were very slippery this morning.

The girls had a very lazy morning. Maria & Kirstie haven't been feeling well, so they really took it easy. Macella practiced some piano just for fun. It was a nice slow day of paperwork catching up, phone calls, and cleaning for me.

In the afternoon the older girls were feeling up to playing outside. Macella built a snowman and then Kirstie went out to help add the decorations. Once inside it was time for hot chocolate:)

On a side note: Gary had to pick Maria up at daycare yesterday because she was sick. She appeared to have a stomach bug. She had a fever, but it subsided by evening. In the last 48 hours I think we figured out that she has slept for 41 hours. Anyway she doesn't have a fever or any stomach issues, but due to the daycare regulations she is not allowed back until Friday and they are closed Friday. Gary took Tuesday off, I had today off (snow day), and one of Kirstie's friend's parents is going to watch Maria Thursday and Friday. We are so thankful to have found a babysitter for these two days.

Please pray that Maria & Kirstie feel better soon. For Maria it's really terrible not being able to ask her if her head hurts or her throat hurts or her ears hurt. Also, please pray that we'll have wisdom to be able to make some decisions concerning Maria's daycare, as well as some decisions that need to be made at next week's CPSE meeting with the school district. She really needs more services to address the intense listening therapy that she needs after her implant activation. I'm hoping for a teacher of the deaf, but not sure if they will give her one.

It has been a wonderful day of rest with the girls today. I love being a part of snow days again:)

Thanks to you all for your love and concern for our family. It has been such an encouragement to have so many of you put actions with your words:)

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