Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another gift for Maria; Maria enjoys the clarinet

Maria received a gift from her aide Kacey today. She also gave me some pictures of Maria when Santa went to visit at Kiddie Kampus. They are so cute. Maria really enjoyed seeing Santa. Kacey gave Maria a shiny bow because she thought she would like it and she was right! She enjoyed the bow and the paper. She got the book "Biscuit's Pet & Play Christmas" which has different things to feel on each page. She enjoyed looking and feeling the Christmas bulbs and the Santa page.

Kirstie was playing her clarinet and Maria became interested. She held onto the clarinet and felt the vibrations while Kirstie played. Then she thought it was funny to pull it out of Kirstie's mouth and then shove it back in. She really enjoys her sisters. Her sisters really enjoy her.

I got more good news on Maria's development today. Her PT showed her how to pretend with animal magnets and Maria copied her and asked for more. Then when she was finished she put the animals back in a bucket. She is really starting to exchange back and forth with people now. We are so thrilled!

We were so nervous about her being sensory overloaded and biting, but she appears to have a calming and happy personality now that she can hear. She really appears much less anxious. Thank you all for praying. Everyday we are more and more thankful.

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