Friday, December 18, 2009

Macella's bday dinner & gifts

Tonight we celebrated Macella's 14th birthday. As we have a three year old, who's really more a toddler, it is so hard to believe that Macella is already 14. It seems like she was just three. She really has grown up into a lovely kind girl. We are very proud of her.

When we all got home from work/school we cleaned up while Maria played with her toys. She really has never been interested in playing, but today she sat and played while her toys made noise. I've never seen her sit for so long.

My mom sent Macella flowers, so she opened her flower box while talking on the phone with her. Maria got a gift from her Head start teacher of only 2 weeks, so she opned that. She's still learning what opening gifts is all about. She definitely enjoyed the paper:)

Macella asked for chicken quesadillas for her dinner, so Gary & I made those. Then we had a big cookie for her cake and her favorite ice cream of cookies & cream. Kirstie carried the cookie with candles and Maria seemed very happy and curious about the whole ordeal. It was the first time she ever heard the "happy birthday" song. Macella opened her gifts from her sisters, a Li'l kinz frog and a Cooking Mama DS game. Afterward we watched Macella's new movie, "Unaccompanied Minors" while eating cookie & ice cream. She thanked us over and over. We are so proud that she didn't expect and want so much more for her birthday.

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