Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday; Visit Family

Friday Nov. 27th--We were apparently quite tired. We didn't get up until 9:45am. We packed up and headed out just before noon. We ate at KFC on the way back. Maria continues to have jaw pain and some dizziness, but she enjoyed eating some macaroni & cheese and a pudding parfait.

We decided to visit family on the way home instead of heading out again on Saturday. First we stopped at Marsha's dad and Shirley. Gene and Tim enjoyed playing hide and seek with Kirstie and Macella. Maria enjoyed Carol's soft pink pillow.

Afterward we visited Gary's brother Terry. Lana was working, but was able to make it before we left. Kristy, Taron, and Taron's daughter Kaliah were there. Terry had the girls dress up in Victorian dresses for pictures. Maria was beginning to get some energy, unfortunately she had an accident on the brand new dress. Gary dried it with a blow dryer and then she was ready for pictures galore:)

Then we visited Gary's dad and Brooke. We enjoyed some time talking with them. They were doing well and were happy to see Maria doing so well.

Finally we visited Marsha's grandparents and mom. We had forgotten to eat dinner, so we ate Thanksgiving day leftovers:) Kirstie's birthday is coming up, so she opened up her presents from her great grandparents and grandparents. Maria seemed to be doing well, but her balance continued to be off.

We made it home around 10:30pm. It was another long day, but so enjoyable to visit with our families. Maria was so happy to be home. She rested on the couch while we unloaded vehicles and cleaned up. She was all smiles:)

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