Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sight seeing in NYC

We woke up this morning ready for another day of walking. After so many trips walking miles and miles carrying Maria we decided that a trip to Toys R Us for a cheap stroller was in order. What a difference that made on our backs today:)

Today we took the bus to the city and then got all day passes for the subway. Macella & Kirstie were so excited! It helped as walking today would have been too much. Our first trip was to Ground Zero. It is amazing how that touches my emotions even to this day and even though I personally did not know someone who died. Kirstie was confused and we didn't realize how little she actually knew about 9/11. At the time Macella was in Kindergarten and we didn't want to scare her, so we didn't talk of it much around her. We gave the kids a quick history lesson and tried to explain the panic and terror that people felt that day. We saw where they're building the new "Freedom Tower" or "One World Trade Center."

We walked to Battery Park from Ground zero and were able to see the Statue of Liberty from a distance. Again Kirstie's awe of learning and seeing things that she's learned about and heard of was very catching. She wanted pictures of everything. It was very beautiful. We tried to take the subway back to Columbus Circle, but it didn't actually stop there and we ended up several blocks away. On the way Kirstie, Maria, and I were on one side and Gary and Macella were across from us. At the first stop a ton of people got on and a man and woman started arguing in Spanish near us. It was very disconcerting not knowing if it was a serious argument or not. Macella told us afterward that the man kept saying "I don't have it" and they were talking about money.

After getting off the subway we walked through Central Park to get to Mickey Mantle's to eat. It was neat to think we were in Central Park, but it smelled a lot like horse with all the horse carriage rides. It seemed a little strange to smell "farm" and at the same time hear tons of car horns blowing. When we made it to Mickey Mantle's, Macella was excited to guess his number as 7. A number 7 was carved into every chair. When Gary came with his old boss they sat in Mickey Mantle's booth.

After lunch/dinner we walked through the city and saw different stores and lights. The girls were excited to walk by "Eloise's hotel" the Plaza. We also saw the Apple store in which the Apple logo is etched in a big cube above ground, but the store is below ground. Then we went to FAO Schwarz. Huge stuffed animals for over $1000 and 3 floors of toys. The top floor had the piano like the one from the movie "Big." Macella and Kirstie took Maria on it. She thought the lights were great. We saw a couple of the workers play 3 songs on it. They did a great job.

Afterward we walked back to Rockefeller Center and took the subway to the bus station for the hotel. It was a tiring, but wonderful day again.

Tomorrow we leave for home again. We have all had a great time together.

Here are some more pictures:

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