Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Packing for NYC again

After church the realization hit that I was not packed for our trip tomorrow---oops! Now hopefully everything is packed and ready to go. Gary is out loading the car as I type. The older girls are going with us this time. We could really use some "whole" family time, so it will be nice. We're leaving when Gary gets home from work about 6:00pm tomorrow, so we won't be getting to the hotel until 11ish. Then we have to up by 7am the next morning:)

Friday's first appointment is picking out the actual cochlear implant company that we want to go with. The second appointment is with the surgeon. After talking with the receptionist this week she said "and now you know that we don't take Blue Cross right?"--That was a bit of scary news. All I know is that we have to pay out of pocket for the consultation on Friday and that the rest will be considered "out of network." We have to leave whatever that means in the Lord's hands. Obviously the Lord directed us to this particular surgeon. We've already been to so many appointments in order for him to ok the surgery that we know going with another surgeon is not an option, but the Lord already knew about the insurance and He will provide. We always have more to learn and we can't ever stop growing:)

The surgeon will hopefully give us a more thorough understanding of Maria's CT Scan and be able to give us a reasonable prognosis. We're praying for a miracle--something that only God can do! In fact, that's what I taught in Olympian Club tonight at church. Isn't it amazing how what we teach kids is usually something we need as well.

Thanks again to you all for your interest, concern, and prayers. You are loved and appreciated!

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