Monday, November 2, 2009

Maria starts at Kiddie Kampus

Today was Maria's first day at Kiddie Kampus. It is a classroom for children 18 months -3 years old. She has a teacher, a teacher's aid, and even a 1:1 aid all to herself. Her four therapy services of OT, PT, Speech, & Special Ed will see her while she's there as well. She really seemed to enjoy the class and was so excited to use their inside jungle gym. Everyone is working so hard to give Maria the best that they possibly can. It is a joy to watch her grow and learn.

Even though she had a good time and didn't really seem to mind saying goodbye to me, it was a great feeling that she smiled and laughed when we pulled into the driveway. She loves going places and loves new people, but she always enjoys coming home. We're so blessed that she really understands that this is her home and she can feel secure here.


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