Wednesday, August 19, 2009

vaccines & bats

Mon. 8/17 Macella & Kirstie are spending the week with Marsha's parents. They are helping with VBS in Killawog. They are very excited!

Tues. 8/18 I found out that Maria is missing a vaccine and that the pediatrician's office can't get it because there is a shortage. That meant a trip to the county health dept. for a vaccine. I was anticipating that the shot itself wouldn't go well, but it was the waiting that was the issue. When we walked into the room we were given the number 24 and they were just calling the number 3! Maria did not want to sit still at all! An hour and a half later we were finally called. You could tell that Maria was mad about the shot, but she didn't cry---I was amazed!

After putting Maria to bed at night and near the end of our movie, I let out a huge scream and dove for the floor----yes it was a bat in the house. It came flying out of our bedroom and was doing loops in the livingroom. Gary tried to hit it out of the air to no avail. It ended up going back into the bedroom and hiding. Everytime we scared it out it hid again. Gary broke my mop in the process of finding/getting the bat. We finally decided to leave the bedroom door open and go back to our movie----because at this point our bedroom was a disaster. We had to pull things out from the corners next to the dresser and pull things out from under the bed, etc. Obviously that meant a big mess! Finally the bat came back out and Gary got it with a nice baseball swing. He put it in a container to take to the county health dept. tomorrow. After it was caught I realized that I heard a noise behind the bed that morning, but thought it was some type of huge insect. I looked for it, but for fear I would actually find it, I stopped. That meant that the bat slept in our bedroom for at least one night before we found it. I'm more inclined to think that it had been there since our weekend incident with the bats.

Wed. 8/19--Maria and I took the bat to the county health dept. to have it checked for rabies. After all the scares with bats it seemed like a good idea to get one tested. We'll have the results by Friday, so that will be good:)

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