Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our cabin with friends

Friday Aug 14-Saturday Aug 15 we had a nice time with friends over. We ate outside, the kids swam, we watched a movie on the big screen in the cabin, the kids went to bed and fell asleep watching a movie, the adults were tortured the ENTIRE night by fear of bats.

It was a hot night. It was a scary night. It was a sleepless night. Well at least it was for the grown ups. The kids had the doors locked to their own cabin and they safely slept. We had a cabin with 2 psychotic bats! Every time 3 of us fell asleep, it seemed as if 1 person heard the bats and then we were all awake again. If the bats would've just hung upside down in a corner it may have been nice, but NO they had to swoop down over us and squeak. Then they were constantly scratching (although once morning came we wondered if the scratching was the family of woodchucks we have living under the cabins). At any rate we finally fell asleep around 4:30am and now we have something to laugh about!

Saturday was a fun day of hanging out and trying to remain cool. Summer finally arrived!

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