Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maria's therapies

Apparently I was wrong and I have more options available for Maria for the fall. I'm looking into different preschool programs that are just 2 or 3 days a week for 2 hours. The preschool that I would like her in, is filled, but they put her on a waiting list. Apparently they would allow her to be in the 2-year-old room even though she is three. That's a really nice incentive and more developmentally appropriate for her.

Maria has gotten used to therapy and the fact that she has to work. She does not always like it. In fact she had a little temper tantrum in speech today. When she is forced to sign, she gets quite upset. We think this is a good indication that she knows what is going on and does not want to do what is asked of her. She has begun hiding her hands under the table and holding her hands behind her back.

Below are a few pictures from therapy. We've videotaped more sessions and hopefully I'll be able to make a compilation of her progress at some point. I love learning from the physical and occupational therapists. I've learned quite a bit from the speech therapist as well, so I'm looking forward to putting that into practice when I start working. Maria is wearing a compression vest in PT in some of the pictures below. She loved it!

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