Monday, August 3, 2009

Maria's therapy/education plan for the fall

Today we visited the Cerebral Palsy and Handicapped Children's Association (CPHC) to see if it is a possibility for Maria in the fall. They have a 12:1:2 classroom open for the afternoon session with a possible opening for an 8:1:1 that's all day. They were very friendly and took us to all of the classrooms. Maria enjoyed them and gave a little girl a great big hug and then they both fell over.

Maria's CPSE meeting is next week. We have to decide whether to continue home services (which would most likely be at a close friend's home, as she will be babysitting) or if she would attend an afternoon preschool and get her Speech, OT, and PT at the preschool. Please pray that we will have wisdom in making this decision. All of the therapists are supposed to share their opinion with me this week. Her meeting is August 11th.

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