Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Site finally updated

We just finally updated the blog. I think we went all the way back to April and added information and pictures. I'm sorry it took so long to get the information out. We have been so busy with phone calls, doctor visits, therapies, kids' friends, our friends, our families, work, paperwork, full weekends, etc.

It seems impossible that the summer is almost over. Time certainly has flown. We have officially had Maria for 4 months. We have certainly had to make adjustments, but she has added such joy to our family. Both Macella and Kirstie have been doing a great job helping out with her and loving her so much.

Maria has certainly progressed quite a lot. She signs "more", "eat", "cookie", "ice cream", "water", "please", and "book" with some persuasion.
She seems to understand and requires hand over hand to sign "shoes", "socks", "potty", "banana", "apple", and "drink". She still does not appear to have heard anything with her hearing aids. I contacted an audiologist teacher I had at Cortland for advice on a cochlear implant team. We have the paperwork for possible appointments with the NYU cochlear implant team and are awaiting their call.

Again, thanks so much to you all for following our family and taking the time to call, e-mail, pray, etc.

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