Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CPSE Meeting & Audiologist appointment

Tues, Aug. 11th
8:30 this morning we had Maria's CPSE meeting. It was a very helpful meeting. Even my soon to be boss came to help out and make sure that Maria was taken care of. We decided that Maria should have OT 3x/wk-30min, PT 2x/wk-30min., Speech 3x/week-90min., and Special ed teacher 3x/week-90 min-2hours. In addition, it was suggested that the services be given to her in a preschool setting. We are currently looking at a couple of preschools, as well as Head Start. Please pray that a space will open wherever the Lord thinks she will do best.

3:30 this afternoon Maria had an audiologist appointment. Since we have not observed any difference in Maria's hearing the audiologist decided not to do sound field testing. She would like to give Maria more time to adjust to the hearing aids to see if she starts responding to sound later. She did adjust them a little to help with the constant feedback that we're always hearing. We made an appointment for 5 weeks from now. In addition we are getting paperwork together to send to the cochlear implant team at NYU.

Pictures below may not be as clear because we forgot the camera, so they were taken with the cell phone. We had to get some pictures!

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