Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last week of August

Summer continues to be busy, but fun.
8/23- Visit our friends Dan, Stacie, Rhiannon, and Silas. It only took us 2 years to finally get together:)

8/24- We took Kirstie to visit her new school; Horseheads Intermediate. She is not looking forward to the beginning of school.

8/25- Kirstie started soccer. Maria had a doctor's appointment to check her weight, height, and head circumference for our upcoming 6 month review. She continues to be a light weight--approximately 21 pounds still. We finished the day with a trip to the drive-in. Everyone enjoys the drive-in, even Maria.

8/28- Marsha's mom came out to help with a yard sale. Friday's sales were better than Saturday's--we assume due to the rainy weather. The girls had a busy day with a birthday party and a youth party at night.

9/1- Kirstie spent the afternoon at a friend's and then had soccer. At 9am, the teacher and another worker from Head Start came to the house to visit with Maria. They were so nice and let Maria pick out her school symbol. She is a "duck."

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