Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend in Lisle/Marathon/WP

On Thursday 10/22 Maria visited my new work place and crawled through the big caterpillar. She dropped off a picture of herself and a thank you note to her friends at Head Start since she didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

We had a wonderful weekend visiting family and friends. We spent the weekend at Marsha's parents---her poor mother never gets a break from us:)
Fri. 10/23--My Uncle Tim had a birthday party at her grandpa & grandma's house. It was nice to see everyone again. Maria & Kirstie enjoyed riding on my grandma's new hospital bed. how fun!

Sat. 10/24--Dale made wonderful french toast for all the girls and pancakes for Gary. We are so spoiled! We watched movies and a had a relaxing day. The girls haven't felt well, so it was good for them to rest. That evening we had an encouraging evening at our friend Lesa's Thai dinner.

Lesa is home on furlough from Thialand. She's working in an orphanage there. She had the dinner tables hosted by one of the kids from the orphange. We watched a video of the kids singing songs about God's love, peace, and grace. It was quite humbling and encouraging. It was nice to visit her, as well as some other dear friends from Whitney Point.

Sun. 10/25--We were able to visit our church in WP and once again visit with our old friends. Lesa presented her work in Thailand in more detail. She has such a great love for the children in the orphanage where she ministers. After church we had lunch with Gary's parents and then went to Gary's great niece's 1st birthday party. What a wonderful party theme---Curious George! Curious George is so totally awesome!

Enjoy some pictures from our busy, but encouraging weekend!

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