Friday, October 16, 2009

Maria's 1st CT Scan

They say a picture says 1000 words and since I have no picture of today's CT Scan you're going to get the 1000 words! The camera was ready for pictures the last time we checked, but when I went to use it the batteries were dead. Now for the story:

Maria needed a CT Scan of her head, so the pediatrician quickly made us an appointment for this afternoon at 3pm. I had to go by myself because Gary is already taking off so much time for Maria. I was a little nervous because I knew she had to be completely still and obviously I would not be able to explain that to her.

We walked into the hospital went to reception and they immediately sent us to x-ray. The room was full of people who were waiting. We were there less than 2 minutes and Maria's name was called. We went to a back room to fill out paperwork and ran into our friend Roy. He's a radiology student at the hospital. Not 5 minutes later we were taken to the CT room. Maria was happy and making noise the whole time.

The technician asked my name and explained that Maria would have to be tied down and that I would have to hold her head by the chin. She needed to be as still as possible. I thought "finally, a good reason to have all those sensory issues. She loves to be squeezed!" I put her on the table and they started wrapping her up with velcro and blankets. After we had her arms tied down she looked up at the technician and gave him a huge grin. She was still holding her head up a little and seemed a little bit nervous about laying it down, but I gently pushed her head down and she appeared excited. They added extra padding around her ears to hold her head in place. She was all smiles!! Then they gave me an x-ray vest and said that the 1st few scans it would be ok if she moved a little, but the last ones I would have to make sure that her head did not move. As soon as the table moved into the "tunnel" Maria giggled. She seemed so amazed. The table moved in and out and she watched the lights. When it came time for me to hold her chin I wasn't sure if all this "fun" she was having would disappear, but once again she amazed me with a giggle. She was finished within minutes and we untied her from the table.

I put Maria's coat on and was trying to put mine on, but Maria kept trying to get back to the table. I think she thought she was at an amusement park! The technician picked her up, so I could put my coat on. Maria just loved it.

When we got home she kept babbling and babbling. She was so excited to "tell" grandma all about her CT Scan adventure! I say getting a CT Scan machine for the house might be a good investment if it brings this much joy to our sweet little Maria:)

I started out nervous and prayed that I would be able to handle carrying my purse, the diaper bag, and our winter coats (we have snow). I was concerned about Maria not being cooperative and just prayed that we would make it through. The Lord blessed me and Maria with the best possible CT Scan ever. He gave me more than I ever asked or imagined. Isn't that just like our great big God! What a great beginning to Maria's cochlear implant appointments that start next week.

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