Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday in NYC

Tuesday night the 27th we left for NJ again. It was a terrible drive in the rain, but we made it there safely and Maria slept the entire trip.

Today we ate breakfast in the hotel and got ready slowly. We knew how to get to NYU Medical Center and we were just planning to take the bus and then a cab when we reached the city. Unfortunately we didn't plan for the fact that rain makes cabs absolutely unobtainable if you're country folk and have no idea how to make a cab stop for you. The bus ride took longer because so many more people were riding this week and then in the city it was a sea of umbrellas. We watched the time continue to move on as we were half running half walking and half hailing a cab. Once we realized that we were closer and we weren't going to get a cab we had to walk/run slightly faster. We showed up 6 minutes late completely drenched and we were using an umbrella. I'm not really sure why I even did my hair:)

Maria did a little better with the audiologist today. She responded to vibrations at 95dB in the right ear and 110dB in the left. Next time we go they are going to try the test with her hearing aids in to see if she responds differently. After the audiologist we met with the education consultant. She is available to make sure her IEP is written correctly and to make sure she receives all the services she needs. She'll have to auditory training/auditory bombardment after her implants are turned on.

That gets us to the big prayer request---Maria's CT Scan showed that her cochleas have only 1 turn bilaterally. Both sides are supposed to have 2 1/2 turns. She has cochlear dysplasia. Technically this means her cochleas are not fully developed and it gives them less to work with when they do the implants. We were not sure if our trips to the city instead of a more local implant team were worth it, but now we know they were. We have one of the best surgeons. Her surgery will not end up being as routine as most of these surgeries are. She will have less frequencies available to her---please pray that miraculously she will have the speech frequencies. We will have more details after we talk with the surgeon next Friday.

After our 2 appointments we walked back in the rain once again. The walk back was more fun as we stopped for lunch. Lunch here costs more than we pay for a fancy dinner at home---and then Gary informed me that we actually ate cheap for the city!

We had an early night in with movies and Dominoes pizza!

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