Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday in NYC

This morning Gary got up to work at his store in the city. It took him an hour to take the bus and walk in. Maria & I got breakfast at the hotel and then just hung out. I worked on bills and paperwork while Maria played and took a nap. It seemed slightly unfair that yesterday's weather was terrible, so we really didn't walk around the city and today's weather is beautiful and we're all stuck inside, but we're still enjoying the day. Around 1 Maria & I could no longer take the hotel room, so we took a walk to the only restaurant in walking distance--the Olive Garden. We had a fun time. She enjoyed her macaroni & cheese. On the walk back Maria noticed the fallen leaves. She loved them and it made it nearly impossible to walk back with her. She kept falling to the ground to pick up leaves. Then to entertain ourselves we looked in a mirror and tried to get a good picture. It seemed to take forever. Then Maria thought the Olive Garden bag was a much better toy than the toys we brought. Who knew?!

Gary made it back at 5:40pm:) I think we have another early night tonight. We have to be packed and leave our room in the morning even though tomorrow's appointments are in the afternoon. Tomorrow we meet with the audiologist again and with the speech pathologist.

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