Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maria loves the wind and learns to use a straw in NJ

We left this morning for New Jersey. We wanted to be sure that we made it before running into evening traffic. We've figured out how to get into the city tomorrow, so hopefully it will go as planned!

Maria traveled the four hours without incident. Once we arrived to our hotel, the wind was tremendous. She loved it! After check-in we decided to walk to a mall in the tremendous wind. I for one complained that I was freezing and was not enjoying the street crossings. All the while Maria took it all in as extreme fun. She giggled and smiled and tried to catch the wind in her face.

After walking for awhile we ended up at a TJ Maxx-----a very crowded and overheated TJ Maxx. We just walked around to warm up and headed back out into the wind. This was all a great adventure in Maria's eyes.

We walked to the only restaurant in sight, the Olive Garden and waited to be seated. We didn't bring Maria's sippy cup and I've been wanting to teach her to use a straw anyway, so why not start at the Olive Garden?! Maria thought it was quite hilarious to get milk dropped in her mouth. She didn't quite get the concept of sucking from the straw, so I put my finger on the top to capture the milk inside. Apparently Gary thought my teaching was going much too slow, so he put the straw in her mouth and waited. She was surprised at her first sip and then was so excited. She kept signing drink and didn't eat anything, but she loved drinking from a straw!

We're thankful that we made it safely and the weather was beautiful for the entire trip. We're thankful that Macella and Kirstie had a good time with their friends and grandma today. Now we're attempting to get Maria to sleep---we shall see how that goes!

Please pray that we get to our appointment without incident tomorrow and that we ask the right questions for Maria. We are so hoping that she will be a candidate for a cochlear implant.

Enjoy some pictures of our day-----

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