Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maria's 1st visit to the dentist; grandma's 80th party

Today was a busy day. All five of us had dentist appointments in Vestal. None of us have cavities, so that's great. Maria sat on Marsha's lap to ease her into the dentist experience. She refused to open her mouth, until Marsha suggested they show her a toothbrush. She was happy with that. Then they showed her a big toothbrush for a big stuffed monkey and she loved it. They did not do an actual cleaning, but the dentist was able to look into her mouth. He said her mouth and teeth looked pretty good.

After the dentist we went on to Tim's house for Grandma Gordon's 80th birthday party. She is still not feeling well, but she was able to attend the whole 3 hour party.

Kirstie has been busy with soccer on Sunday afternoons with her friend Sarah. We take turns taking the kids to practice during the week and enjoy the company on Sunday afternoons. The girls are so cute!

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