Monday, September 7, 2009

Last weekend before school

Saturday the 5th we spent the night with Marsha's parents. Then Sunday it was a day of visiting. We visited our friends at WP Baptist. It is always nice to see our old friends. After church we visited with Terry, Lana, Taron, Chuck, Kaliah, Bob, Brooke, and Gary's brother Dan, Ginny, Manda, & Sid from Georgia. We had a nice little engagement party for Dan and Manda. Afterward we visited Marsha's grandparents before heading back to our home.

Labor day, the 7th. Today was not a normal Labor Day for us. We are so used to having picnics with family, but tomorrow is the 1st day of school instead of Wednesday. The girls are not happy, so we shall see how it all turns out.

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