Monday, September 21, 2009

Trip to Buffalo

Today was a very emotional day. We were concerned, we were elated, we were deeply sad, but overall the day went very well.

First, we left early to take Maria to the Buffalo Children's hospital for genetic testing. We stopped for breakfast on the way. Maria signed "eat" as soon as she saw the restaurant. We found the office and then went for a quick lunch. After lunch we met with the geneticist in her office. Maria did not enjoy much of it:) She was a wonderful doctor. Maria had to have blood taken for the 1st test. The results of this test will determine whether she will need more tests at a later date. After the appointment Maria had her 1st lollipop. She absolutely loved it!

Then, we drove from Buffalo to Rochester to welcome a new family home from China. We have never been able to meet people at the airport, so it was so neat. We were able to meet Danielle, who just joined her mom, dad, and brother this past week. They just arrived home a couple of days ago. Then as we saw Dawn & Jade come through the airport it brought back memories of us walking with Maria through the airport when we came home. It is an overwhelming joyous feeling. It was so wonderful to see children with their forever families welcoming others home as well.

Finally, we went to visit Debbie, a woman from our adoption group who is passing away due to cancer. Many of us from the airport went to her house to visit her. She only has 3 weeks or so to live. She is so self-less that she asked her daughter to make sure that she had snacks at her house for all of us to eat. She has been through a lot and through those times, she still gave us a book for Maria. She seemed pleased to be able to meet Maria too. Macella & Kirstie sent homemade cards to Debbie and her two youngest daughters Grace and Chloe. They miss seeing them.

Our day was a reminder of how "for everything there is a season". The Lord is with us through the sadness and the joy.

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