Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to mariashomecoming blog

Hi, Thank you for your interest in seeing our family grow by bringing Maria home from China. It has been a long journey, but God has been faithful. We leave on March 26th and meet Maria on March 30th! For in-depth information on our journey and for financial information please visit

Again--we continue to covet your prayers and look forward to sharing our trip with you.


  1. Dean Family,

    We are so excited for you and will be praying and watching your blog for updates and following your journey to China! We can not wait to meet Maria!! :)


    Walt, Marilyn, Sarah, & Anna

  2. Hello Walt, Marilyn, & girls--
    It is so nice to have you be the 1st to write into our blog! We received the money belt that you sent, along with the gift. Thank you so much! We appreciate you!
    Gary, Marsha, & girls

  3. Gary and Marsha,
    I am soooo excited for your family! What a wonderful journey you are all entering into. I would love to see you if it is at all possible, even if it is only for a few minutes. Let me know your agenda. If you are hitting some of the venues or shopping places, I could always meet you there. It may not work but it would be such a G*d thing if He could arrange it for us!

  4. Dawn
    I'm so glad you wrote. I looked at your blog when Walt & Marilyn signed up, but I wasn't sure which of your notes to make a comment on. It was wonderful to see the children you work & play with. I think it would be wonderful to see you.

    We are arriving in Beijing on Friday 3/27 at 2pm. We'll be in Beijing Sat. 3/28 & Sun. 3/29. Monday morning we leave for Shanxi & will be there from Mon. 3/30- Fri. 4/1. Friday night we leave for Guangzhou and we're in Guangzhou from 4/1- Thursday 4/9 when we leave to come home. We leave Thursday morning from Hong Kong. I'm not sure where Shanxi is in relation to you, but I know Guangzhou is a ways a way. We get Maria on Monday the 30th in Shanxi:) Other than that I'm not sure of appointment dates and times. Please keep in touch--I'll send our itinerary if/when we get it. I hope the L*rd wills that we meet again in China!

  5. Gary, Marsha & Girls,

    So glad you arrived safe in China! Thanks so much for the phone calls....we are able to see the pictures and we are praying for the entire trip!

    Lots of love to you all,
    Dad & Brooke