Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last minute details

Today has certainly been eventful.

Marsha's mom flew in from Florida. She's spending the night with us and taking us to the airport in the morning.

Our travel paperwork arrived today, so that needed to be copied and organized. While looking through that we realized that Gary & I forgot to get 2 more passport photos. Tonight we scrambled around town looking for a place that was open for passport photos. After 3 stops, we finally got them!

The girls were sent home with all their homework. There was NO WAY there was room or the allotted weight to bring all the books that they needed, so we took a trip to Staples to photocopy the pages they would need.

Kirstie has a head cold virus with a sore throat and earache, so she is not having a fun evening, but she is still in good spirits. Please pray that she will feel well during our travels tomorrow.

We're having fun with Marsha's mom here. She took the girls to Barnes & Nobles while we worked at Staples. Look how cute they are!

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