Sunday, March 29, 2009

We made it to Taiyuan

We made it to the city of Taiyuan (pronounced "tie" "you" "on"). We left our hotel in Beijing this morning at 8:30am and did sight seeing and then went to the airport at 5:30pm. Then we waited at the aiport until 8:40pm for take off at 9:15. Another family had to wait until after 7, so we had dinner with them at Burger King. I never thought I'd be so happy to see a BK. We landed at 10:15, met our guide and are in our hotel room now at 11:35pm. This was one busy day and we are exhausted. We wanted to post, so that you knew we made it, but we probably will not upload pictures tonight. Although, we are trying to figure out how we can sleep in our room. We have a cot, bed, and crib, but neither the bed or the cot are that big. The room is not that large for 5 people to be able to sleep in, so this should be an adventure.

We now have the pictures below. The strangest thing about our room is the large window that is between the bedroom and the bathroom that is covered with a white curtain. You will see the view of the bathroom from the bedroom in a picture below. Also, you will see that we did come up with a way for the girls to sleep in the room. We will write again soon.

Taiyuan hotel & city


  1. Dear Gary, Marsha & Girls,

    We Praise The Lord that you all made it safely.
    We are praying that God will raise you up on Eagles wings and give you strength and rest inspite of the conditions.

    With our continued prayers and lots love,
    Dad & Brooke

  2. Good thing you all are a close, SHORT, family!!! Can't wait to see pictures of Maria!

    Praying for you all, keep the updates coming.

  3. Know you are more than ready to become a family of five!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see new pictures of Maria!! We will continue to pray.


    Walt, Marilyn, & girls

  4. Anticipating with you the meeting of Maria!

  5. Dad & Brooke, we miss & love you. Thanks for writing.

    Aaron--you and your giant family would certainly be in trouble here!

    Walt & Marilyn, Enjoy Florida! Thanks for your support.

    Julie--It was nice hearing from you:)