Sunday, March 28, 2010

Macella receives an Ernie Davis Essay award at Elmira College

Today was one busy day for all of us. Gary took the girls to church while I traveled to Syracuse to be with my grandma who was in the ER. After church Gary fed the girls and then left for the college for Macella's ceremony.

Macella's essay was required to be titled "Express How Someone Special Has Influenced Your Life" and it was to be 250 words or less. She decided to write about Maria. Many schools were involved in the ceremony. Macella & her best friend won for their middle school, so that was exciting for both of them.

After the ceremony Macella went to a teen church party at the Proper's and Gary took their two younger daughters home to play with Kirstie and Maria. They all had a great time.

I spent the afternoon and early evening in Syracuse. Grandma became stable and is being treated for pneumonia. Tim and I caravanned to Cortland to visit my grandpa at Cortland hospital. He is dealing with an infection that the doctors cannot seem to figure out.

After visiting, I took the trek back home. Please pray for my grandparents. It's hard for them to be in two separate hospitals.

Now it's time to get ready for another busy week!


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