Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barium & Earmold fun

This morning Gary & I took Maria to an upper GI appointment at the hospital. I should have known that would mean drinking barium. It took them so long to call us in that thankfully Maria wanted the cup. She went straight for the doctor because he had a very shiny watch on. Maria went through three straws and drank some from the cup. Then she was just done. She was laid down for a 1st scan and she screamed through it. Then Gary went to the car to get her sippy cup, so we could hopefully get her to drink some more barium. Thankfully she thought she wasn't allowed to have her cup, so then she wanted to drink it. We kept hiding it, so she could look for it and then drink it. We were there for 2 1/2 hours, but Maria was a trooper. She had barium everywhere, but she made it through the test. The doctor said that Maria just has the normal reflux that all young kids have. It appears that Maria is clear, so that's good!

Then Gary took Maria back to the babysitter's and we went back to work some more at our jobs. Then at 3:30pm we took Maria to the audiologist for an earmold fitting. Maria was not very compliant at all! It took Gary, myself, and the audiologist to hold her down while she was screaming. For a small little thing she certainly can be strong. In the end we had two little things that looked like the inside of ears! We go back again in 2 weeks for the official ones that she'll always have to wear. Hopefully that will be less of a screaming issue!

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