Monday, March 1, 2010

$140,000 in Medical Bills

Did you see the title to today's blog?! Maria's medical expenses over the past year have totalled approximately $140,000. Do you know how big our God is? He knew that we needed a miracle to pay such bills. Out of that $140,000 we have only had to pay approximately $5,000 (that includes transporation & stay in NYC). We've put that $5,000 on a credit card; the credit card that continued to hold the approximate $8,000 we put on it to finish paying for our trip to China. We just finished our taxes and our refund will be enough to pay off the entire credit card. We have so much to praise the Lord for. We were praying that we would only have to pay 10% of her bills and we only had to pay about 3%. We often share our prayer requests and forget to share our praises. We wanted to share this wonderful news with you. Thank you for your prayers. We praise the Lord for you and for His wonderful provision in our lives.


  1. I need to talk to you about this! We were able to receive extra help with Lia's medical bills and I think that you may be able to do so with Maria as well. Feel free to email me and we can set up a time to talk a bit on the phone if you'd like. We know all about those medical bills. Praying for you and your family. mrschawk2000 @ just remove the spaces.

  2. How awesome our God is ...praise His name