Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rochester Adoption Group---Trip to the Zoo

Sat. the 11th we drove to the Rochester Zoo to meet up with other families in our adoption support group. It began raining before we even made it to the zoo. It continued to rain once we were there. We all decided to start inside a building looking at the otters. It continued to down pour, so it gave us all time to talk with one another. Rain continued, so we made a dash to the pavilion to eat lunch. We are a brave bunch, so we continued on in the rain and visited some more animals. As we were preparing for the time to end the sun came out and it was beautiful. We really did have a nice time.

It was Maria's 1st zoo trip. She reminded us of Macella when she was younger. She was so interested in the fences and the clear plastic/glass walls that she didn't even seem to notice the animals.

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