Monday, July 27, 2009

Pediatrician, Soc. Sec., Audiologist-hearing aids

July 20th--Maria had another pediatrician appointment. She is not sick, but went for a weight check. She weighs 19.4 pounds and is 33 inches long. Maria continues to eat well, but she certainly has a lot of energy. The doctor suggested giving her extra butter and fattening foods like ice cream. Maria loves the ice cream part of her health plan!

July 27th--Gary took the day off to help me with paperwork for Maria and to take Maria to get her hearing aids. We personally went into the social security office, so that none of Maria's important paperwork from China would be lost in the mail. The line was not that long and the man was very kind. Then he handed back everything, with the exception of my driver's license. He looked very shook up and kept searching the same spots in his desk. Gary and I looked through my purse, the diaper bag, and the floor around us numerous times. The man looked under his desk, in his garbage can, on the floor, and on the copy machine. Meanwhile the line is getting longer and longer in the waiting room and we are getting not so kind looks. Finally we just decide that we should leave and he said that he would pay for a license renewal if he didn't find it. As we were walking out Gary looked through the window and saw my driver's license on the floor by the copy machine. The appointment itself was quite short, the search for my lost license was much longer!

We then went to the court house for readoption paperwork for Maria. We want to register her adoption in NYS. There is a new law that states that we can apply for this without an attorney. Others have done it without a problem, but the lady at Chemung County would not let us do it. She kept insisting that we hire an attorney. Gary told her that the law had changed and asked if he could send the website information to the judge. That made the lady even more upset, as she kept repeating "you need a lawyer." We finally gave up, but we will have to now research the law ourselves and go back with the information for the judge. Hiring a lawyer and paying thousands of dollars for something that should cost us $30 is not what we are going to do.

Finally that afternoon Gary, Macella, & I took Maria to the audiologist (Kirstie was at camp). She screamed uncontrollably while we tried to get the earmolds into her ears. Once we got them in, she pulled them out. She finally got so tired that she fell asleep. That was really an answer to prayer, as Gary and I practiced putting her hearing aids in while she slept. When she woke up she was unhappy, but we signed "no" when she tried to take the hearing aids off and she stopped touching them. The appointment took approximately an hour. Maria did not appear to react to any sound at all today. She did wear the hearing aids until we put her to bed though, so that's a great plus. We have a follow-up appointment August 11th to see if she is hearing anything with the hearing aids on.

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